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Helping you market your Initial Coin Offering

Euro Digital Partners will helps the blockchain make the most of their ICO budgets to attract investors from around the globe. 

​​​​​​​Strategy + Execution

ICO Budgeting & Strategy

Data-driven Results

How we drive the ICO process

You need creative thinkers developing strategies to maximise your ICO campaign  ​​​​​​​

To build an effective marketing strategy for an Initial Coin Offering, the first step is an investigation and analysis of the environment. This includes an analysis of the competition, identification of influencers, seeking new opportunities, and preparing for possible threats.



SMM, SEO, and PPC campaigns are key to success. SEO should be the bedrock of your strategy and paid advertising will help you reach your target in an effective way. We can set up and optimize SEO strategies and paid advertising campaigns.​​​​​​​

SEM CAMPAIGNS​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The marketing of any ICO should start with a solid strategy that is based on a prior investigation and analysis. We can help you with this initial investigation and with developing, and later execution, of the marketing plan.​​​​​​​


Marketing may be important for the launch of an ICO, but it is not all. That is why we collaborate directly with partners that can help you launch your ICO (coding, legal advisement, and smart contracts).​​​​​​​

Nuts and Bolts

How we help

Euro Digital Partners offers 3 engagement options

You develop the strategy and our team executes



We run the whole marketing & communication show for you
​​​​​​​strategic planning + execution


We shape the ICO strategy then your team executes

Euro Digital Partners has had an overwhelming response to the current initial coin offering explosion. We started thinking about the world of blockchain/cryptocurrency marketing.

As you might expect when a new type of investment becomes available, the topic on most investors’ minds in 2018 remains the initial coin offering (ICO), which really went from near-zero interest to multi-billions in investments over the course of the last year.