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For more than five years, Euro Digital Partners' co-founder Chris Wyatt has been creating innovative digital marketing projects in areas like social media and digital marketing. He helps companies increase their presence on social platforms, generate more leads and conversions, and create loyal customers using proven strategies that really do work! 

Chris is keen to work with clients on web design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click Advertising, and social media marketing campaigns.

Chris comes from a background in leisure management and financial consulting where he mastered client relationship management and used modern techniques to enhance customer experience. His passion for marketing and social media turned into his full-time job and he quickly began coaching and advising businesses on their marketing needs to help them beat their competition online.

Today, he works with a network of 500 social media managers and creative marketers from around the world so that Euro Digital Partners’ clients can be firmly represented with the best ideas. His purpose is to provide companies and individuals with powerful tools to grow and accelerate their global footprint.

Chris presents at various workshops and Meetups around Europe to promote the importance of social media and digital marketing to the health of a business. He also appears on tv shows and webcasts on the topic of marketing.

In 2018, Chris, and co-founder Sean Patterson, began working on a series of videos about SEO for SEMrush, the marketing intelligence firm. The videos are on the topics of social media management and pay-per-click advertising.

Also in 2018, Euro Digital Partners launched a new course for digital marketers. The course teaches marketing professionals new to digital how they can optimize their web sites for a competitive search engine landscape. For the first time, students to the course, available at https://semrush.beatyourcompetitiononline.com can learn from certified SEMrush and Google marketing professionals the techniques needed to beat the competition online in 2019.

Chris understands that building a brand and developing compelling marketing programs takes time and experience. He enjoys working with business owners, high-growth startups, and marketing teams to craft and implement strategies that will help clients reach their target audience and convert them to paying clients. 

Chris and the EDP team are ready to work with you and deliver the best marketing to achieve the results you need for your business.

Please send client and media enquiries to Chris by email Chris@eurodigitalpartners.com.

Chris Wyatt – Co-Founder
Euro Digital Partners.

Co-founder Chris Wyatt