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Suprise, surprise, fundraising is trickier in 2020 than it was in 2019.

According to the European Venture Report Q2 2020, startup funding dipped to 2018 levels after record highs in 2019.

2020 may not be the biggest year on record, but European venture capital investment is continuing!

London, Paris, Berlin and Stockholm are particularly popular places for startup investment rounds, but rest assured you can have a great startup anyway with the right team, product, and financial backers.

A startup is usually defined as a starting (group of) entrepreneur(s), but there are many different definitions of this term. For this specific ranking, the source mentions that it included startups that are less than ten years old. Exceptions were companies which did not mention their founding year, or which were officially listed as a startup despite passing the ten-year mark.

The good news for your startup is that there is plenty of money out there that will want to invest in your high-achieving firm. The bad news is that finding it is a complex process.

First, you have to have the right documents in place:

  • Business and marketing plans
  • Product roadmap
  • Financial statements
  • Pro formas
  • Letters of incorporation
  • Partnership agreements
Startup founder looking at a white board of all the tasks needed to found a company

Once you have these documents (by the way, they should be kept current), you can begin working on your investor pitch deck (PowerPoint, Keynote or similar presentation software).

Your pitch deck should include (at minimum) the following components:

  • Product photo
  • Description of problem your product addresses
  • Introduction of key team members
  • Company timeline/milestones/goals
  • Proposal for use of the venture funding
  • Unique selling proposition (what makes you stand out of the crowd)
  • Target market
  • Competition

We recommend you create one deck that is designed for live presentations in front of investors and another that is designed for emailing. You will have to know the data inside and out. Remember you are telling a story, so tell a great one!

EDP Capital can work with pre-seed and seed stage startups to develop these documents, or we are happy to review them and provide feedback. Once you have them, EDP Capital can work with you to improve them. 

Once finalized, you can use the documents to persuade investors to invest in your startup!

Of course, it is not quite so simple. Even with the right idea and a bit of execution, and even with the best pitch deck in the world, you aren’t guaranteed that a venture capital firm or angel investor will be interested. 

As you can imagine, venture fundraising is high-risk and deal negotiation is complex. Raising money for your firm requires a network of people working across many industries and areas of expertise to make your firm successful at scale.

EDP Capital can work with your firm to secure investment. We assist not with finding “dumb” money, but with “smart” money – industry terminology for investors that that can add value through strategic advisory and well-placed connections, not merely dollars and cents.

EDP Capital can connect you with the smart money, saving you time and bringing you closer to people who specialize in turning clever startups into high-growth tech giants.

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