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With the latest development in fintech, specifically blockchain and cryptocurrency developments, entrepreneurs are increasingly interested in the initial coin offering (ICO) as a fundraising tool. Though non-blockchain-based firms are unlikely to interest those who are creating more traditional businesses, the border-free nature of fintech makes the idea of raising money through issuance of “tokens” possible.

Hardly a day goes by where Euro Digital Partners is not approached by a blockchain conference organizer or entrepreneur looking to do an ICO. We think that is because we have successfully assisted in raising more than $10,000,000 for several ICOs. 

Still, we found there is a great need to educate would-be ICO firm about the process of fundraising. We worked with our team to come up with a simple, but informative graphical guide to raising money through initial coin offering. 

In this roadmap, you will learn the 11 key steps that are necessary to getting an ICO up and running. We won't give it all away here but we cover the basics including the legal and technical considerations to say nothing of the operational aspect.

Bear in mind that this process is not free. Initial coin offerings are now spending well over $100,000 to fundraise an ICO, but larger projects run more than three times that! Of course, if your project does not directly implement blockchain, you might consider a Reg. A or A+, especially if you are trying to raise money in the USA. Of course some VCs and angels would be of use in some circumstances, as well.

If you have a great idea, contact us​​​​​​​, and we will help you figure out how to get it funded.

We love great ideas at Euro Digital Partners!